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Innovation for
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Together for a sustainable agriculture

AgPrime has in-depth experience in plant molecular biology, biochemistry, biotechnology and pathology. we provide multiple services for evaluating plant performance in stress conditions and develop innovative concepts for effective and sustainable crop protection - particularly by strengthening the plant immune system from within. 

By doing so, AgPrime contributes to an effective and sustainable agriculture and economic production of food, feed and renewable raw materials to support the bio-economy of the future.

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AgBiotech Services

- Flexibly addressing your needs -

AgPrime offers tailor-made, state-of-the-art assays to analyze plant performance at different conditions. Take advantage of our scalable test platforms to identify novel plant protectants that prime the natural defense mechanisms of the plant from within. Discover the full power of your product, lead molecule, plant activator, biological, genetic background, and formulation.

With our in-depth and broad technical expertise as well as high-quality standards we trust to provide you with the best solution for your service needs. 


- Shaping tomorrow together -

Collaborate with us to profit from our network to renowned plant-health experts to translate your research to practical application and identify strategic partners or novel application areas. With our scientific competence and experience in promoting the development of plant-health products, we advance your project.

Research & Development

- Living synergism -

Using our established screening platforms, we develop proprietary technologies and identify molecules and organisms with plant health-promoting activity. We also disclose synergistic activities of your product with other plant protectants, and identify traits for optimal adaption of crops to challenging environments.


We are keen to supporting your individual R&D project, from ideation to execution, evaluation, and assessment. We are flexible to design and conduct a research strategy according to your specific needs. Please contact us to profit from our transdisciplinary and translational research experience.

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Are you curious to learn more about the performance of our technologies? Or are you looking for a versatile partner to address your own research challenges? Contact us for more detail.


Dr. Caspar Langenbach


Prof. Dr. Uwe Conrath

Dr. Gerold Beckers

Dr. Patrick Schwinges

Kathrin Meirino-Gonzalez


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